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Provide a computer service to the very best of our ability at reasonable prices.


Whatever your business Elite can help - we pride ourselves in providing IT support thats a perfect fit for your business, tailoring it to suit your needs and to work the way you want - all without the usual vexation!


To many people, Desktops are almost dead - but thats definately not the case, they're more reliable, more upgradable, more powerful and don't have to be the great big boxes they used to be!


Laptops laptops laptops, every one loves them, even your kids "need" them for school work these days! But for how important they are they don't often get treated well, screens get smashed hard drives fail, they get dropped, liquid spilt on them, or, sometimes even the cat or dog destroys them. we've pretty much seen it all even one that was left on top of a hot stove! But we can repair them all.


We offer Ipad repairs and service. The most common faults are just the digitiser which is a thin sheet of glass with a sensor grid that sits over the top of the LCD. This allows the flowing movement to access applications stored on your ipad, but we also fix many other problems even replacing the whole back chassis or logic board or even the headphone socket. Prices vary depending on colour, generation and the nature of the fault.

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